We are jumping for joy with our first issue!

We are jumping for joy
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My Great Grama and Her Socks 

Good family fun! 

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Spindle and Wheel!

My yarn is ropey and all snarled together with lots of hard scratchy bumps in it.  I am trying to make a nice even yarn, but this is so horrible I wonder if I will ever get something even usable.  It is so knotty I can't ply it and I feel like I made a big mistake buying a spinning wheel, can you help?

Top 10 ways to tell if you're a fiber addict. 

Bissell Powerforce Turbo

How can you do a book review and not start with the infamous Elizabeth Zimmerman?

To begin a business in the wool industry is a risky venture, but when it's meant to be, it happens.  While struggling to make a living raising sheep the founders, Harlan and Janet Brown left with a load of market sheep in 1980 and came back with a semi trailer load of carding and spinning equipment, and Brown Sheep Company was born. 

No, it’s not THAT kind of men’s room.  This is a place where I get to talk about spinning and the fiber arts from a man’s perspective.  And while this space will be filled with a man’s views on spinning, I think you ladies out there will find the information useful too, or at least entertaining.

Shetland sheep are making a comeback from near extinction after a very close call.  Their numbers are growing yearly as more and more people are breeding these incredible and loveable creatures.