Sometimes fashion shows get out of hand...or, hoof! 
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Triple ply yarn is stronger then two ply, but also gives us a wonderful opportunity to use color to build a depth that is difficult to obtain in other ways.

It is time to take the next bold step, to leave the nest, to stretch my wings, to embrace my inner spinner and attempt the wheel.  True, my spindle spinning has not improved much but I’m impatient, and the spinning wheel has been staring at me, taunting me, daring me to try, and I don’t take that kind of attitude off of a spinning wheel! 

I have often thought that when the Almighty made sheep, he gave us a miraculous animal, and in the soy plant he gave us a miraculous plant.

Socks. What can I say. You start a sock. Finish it. Love it. Euphoria raises its beautiful head. You give yourself a pat on the back. Well done.

I love BRIGHT colours - always try and buy, and/or dye them.  But sometimes things have a way of changing - with the sweetest results.

With fall and winter coming upon us, many of us are looking for warm, cozy accessories.
First thing First, I must thank Sara Hagel of  Without her, I would have none of the beautiful pictures, and much of the information for this article.  All of the pictures are of mecates made by her.  If  you have horses, and would like a mecate, please purchase one from her to show our thanks!

The history of spinning, Viking age tools and techniques. 

A Flock of Fuzzy Treats

Mordants are what make natural dyeing work.  If you don't do it correctly, then you can explode the side of your garage, or even worse ruin your dye job.  So before you try natural dyeing, it is important to learn about mordants, their uses and dangers and what to expect from each one. 

These baby booties I usually take with me to the hospital when I first visit a new baby. They are a quick knit, you can use whatever yarn you have and is perfect for those luxury yarn leftovers you can’t throw away but are too small for anything else. If you like to test spin small amounts to see how they turn out this little pattern is perfect for using up these too. The garter stitch makes the booties stretchy and warm. I don’t like to sew up things I knit so this pattern only requires me to weave in the ends. 

A Super fast and beautiful shawl that anyone would love.
Add durability to your handspun sock yarn inexpensively.

Which set of needles is right for you? 

First, you need a sheep, or at least a fleece... A new feature that takes you from a raw fleece, to a chic new garment, accessory or project you will love.