Autumn Tea Cozy
By Emily Holbert-Kellam


This is just the right thing to keep your tea toasty while you curl up with a hot cuppa and a good book after a stroll through the autumn leaves.

~ 1 skein Noro Kureyon (or other worsted-weight yarn).  Noro Kueryon is a tighty-supn 100% wool singles yarn measuring approx. 10 WIP, 100 m to 50g., so any heavy worsted handspun singles would work nicely for this project.  You could even try piecing in different colors of roving as you spin to achieve Noro-like long color repeats!
~ 5mm small circular needle and some 5mm dpns (or 2 circs, or a really long circ. for Magic Loop, what ever suits your fancy!)
~ 2 3mm dpns
~ 1 stitch marker
~ tapestry needle
~ crochet hook (opt.)


K – knit
K2tog – Knit 2stitches together
P – purl
Ssk – slip, slip, knit
St. – stitch (sts. – stitches)
St. st. – stockinette stitch
WIP – wraps per inch
Yo – Yarn over

Cast on 80 sts.

Join in the round — remember not to twist them! Place a marker to show beginning of rounds.

Picot hem
Rounds 1-3: knit all sts.
Round 4: *yo, K2tog* (rep. to end)
Rounds 5-7: knit all sts.
Round 8: Folding right side inward at yarn-over row, pick up 1 cast-on stitch and knit it together (K2tog) with the corresponding live stitch. Note: If you don’t want to be this fancy, you can simply ignore this round and whip stitch the hem up at the end.


Next round: knit all sts.
Continue in St. st. until you have approx. 2″ (more for taller teapots) from picot hem, or until the piece reaches the bottom of the handle on the teapot.

Make handle opening:
Knit 1 round. Turn.
Purl to marker. Turn. Note: You are now effectively knitting flat!
Repeat these two rows until work measures approx. 3-3.5″ from beginning of handle opening, or until they match the measurement on your teapot.

Make spout opening:

(RS): K38 sts, k2tog, yo twice, ssk, k38sts, turn.
(WS): P39, drop double yo on needles, yo twice, p39, turn.
(RS): K39, drop double yo on needles, yo twice, K39, turn.
(WS):P39, drop double yo on needles, yo twice, p39, turn.
(RS):K40,p1, k39. (80 sts total, as ever.)

Note: Just let these dropped double yarn-overs dangle for now. Trust me.

Spiral Decrease:
Note: you will now resume knitting in the round. Re-place your marker if you’ve dropped it!
Next round: knit all stitches.
Dec. round 1: *K8, k2tog* (rep. to end)
Dec. round 2 and all even rounds: K all sts.
Dec. round 3: *K7, k2tog* (rep. to end)
Dec. round 5: *K6, k2tog* (rep. to end)
Dec. round 7: *K5, k2tog* (rep. to end)
Dec. round 9: *K4, k2tog* (rep. to end)
Dec. round 11: *K3, k2tog* (rep. to end)
Dec. round 13: *K2, k2tog* (rep. to end)
Dec. round 15: *K1, k2tog* (rep. to end)
Dec. round 17: *K2tog* 8 times. 8 sts. remain.

Break yarn leaving a long tail. Thread yarn through all 8 remaining sts. and pull tightly to close. Sew one or two tack stitches inside cozy by spiral join.

Top Loop
Thread yarn tail back up through center and either make a crochet cord or i-cord approx. 2″ long. Bring end of yarn back down through center, sew a few tack stitches, and weave in end.


Knitted Leaves
You can use 5mm needles, or smaller ones, your choice. I knit 2 small leaves and 1 large leaf.

Cast on 3 sts.
Row 1: Knit all sts.
Row 2 and all even rows: Purl all sts.
Row 3: K1, yo, k1, yo, k1
Row 5: K2, yo, k1, yo, k2
Row 7: K3, yo, k1, yo, k3
Row 9: ssk, k5, k2tog.
Row 11: ssk, k3, k2tog.
Row 13: ssk, k1, k2tog.
Row 15: Sl1, k2tog, psso.
Thread tail through last stitch, pull tight. Weave in ends.
Note: to get colour variation for the leaves, I broke the yarn where I liked the colour, knit my leaves, broke yarn from leaves, and then rejoined the two ends with a spit-felted join.  If you’re spinning your own yarn, you can knit leaves from little end-bits of roving or from test-skeins. Leaves are also a great way to use up yarn leftovers!

     Your top loop has already taken care of one end! If you don’t want a top loop, though, just pull your yarn threaded through the 8 top stitches tightly and weave in the end.
     If you did not knit your picot hem together, then sew it up now, folding it in at yarn-over row and whip-stitching around. (Be generous with your sewing yarn, you want the cozy to be stretchy!)
     Snip the dropped yarn-overs at the center of the spout opening, pull the little tails tightly, and weave these ends in.
     Artfully arrange your leaves and tack-stitch them where ever you choose.
Go make a pot of tea!

Emily calls Toronto home, and enjoys a beautiful life with her husband Andrew, and her two cats "The Horribles".  She enjoys all things crafting from wood working to wire jewelry, but is particularly drawn to knitting and spinning.  Visit her blog for more about her, The Horribles and her crafting obsession.