Submission Guidelines

Please note, there has been some confusion as to the patterns that can be submitted.  The patterns do not need to adhere to these guidelines, we only ask that the photos meet these standards.  Please read this very carefully, and any questions will be happily answered if you contact us here

  1. Patterns are free for personal and charitable use.
  2. Local Yarn Stores and vendors may offer to purchase your pattern for classes and kits, you are responsible for the terms.
  3. Patterns MUST be original and not plagiarized, if it comes to light that a pattern is not original, you will be liable and we will remove the pattern from the site.
  4. Patterns may be submitted using commercial yarns and we welcome them with a few requirements.  You must include fiber content of the yarn, and also the wraps per inch and the guage on the package.  If using hanspun yarn you must include a description of the fiber used, and any special techniques needed to reproduce the yarn.  You will also need to include the wraps per inch and guage information.  This will allow non spinners and spinners alike to use the same patterns and make it easy to find something in the stash to spin or knit for each project.
  5. Modesty is important to us, we recognize that most people are not as conservative in dress as we are, and so we will not turn down a pattern on the grounds that it does not meet our standard of modesty, however we ask that pictures of the garment do adhere to these standards.  If a garment doesn't, then you can model the garment on a mannequin, or show it without a model.  You may also put something on under the garment such as a tee shirt or shell so that it will meet these standards.  We realize these are rather strict, and we apologize for any inconvenience, but this is how we feel most comfortable running our site.  We don't want to exclude anyone, and with some thought most items can easily be published on the site.

Standards of Modesty

  • The neck should be no more than two fingers width below the collar-bone
  • It should not be transparent, unless something underneath is worn.
  • It should not be overly tight.
  • Legs should be covered to the bottom of the knee.
  • For garments that reach above this point, such as over the knee socks, we encourage you to take pictures of that part blocked and on a nice background or on a mannakin leg.
  • It should not be sleeveless, and it should also have a back or sufficient covering worn underneath.
PLEASE NOTE:  The garment itself does NOT have to adhere to these guidelines!!!  ONLY the pictures that will displayed on the site!

Again, we apologize for the strictness, but we have our own beliefs, and also an agreement with our hosting company, so we are playing it safe, and being very conservative with the photos.  They probably wouldn't be this strict, but we feel more comfortable with this arrangement.  We hope you will understand, and we will be more than happy to help you present your project within these guidelines.

You will retain the copyright to your pattern, and also the responsibility of defending that copyright, as well as any legal fees and such that occur.  We are simply publishing your pattern with your permission. 

If you want to submit a pattern, please contact us using the "Contact us" link under the "Home" menu, that way we can communicate directly with you to give you the photo specs and resolutions, as well as formatting requirements.

Good Luck, and we can't wait to see the beautiful items you will submit.

Compensation : We are not able to provide much for compensation at this time, however as we grow and can afford to do so we fully plan to.  At this point in the game we will offer you a $20 Gift Certificate to our store as a thank you for your support for contributing an accepted article or pattern.  Our roving is carefully and professionally processed at and is very nice quality.  We do ask that you do not choose a raw fleece because several of these are listed for friends of ours.


You may also link-back to your site if you like, but we do ask that you exclude any other links about products used, unless it is your own merchandise.

It isn't much, but at this time, this is the best we can do for our contributors.  As we start getting advertisors and generating some income, then we will probably do something more standard to thank our contributers.  Again, thank you for your support.