While some of us (showing my age here) have slightly worrisome memories of legwarmers, they are toasty, ideal for skirt and dress wearing little girls (and their moms), and even great for babies. 


Sample is knitted in a balanced, single ply, worsted weight merino, hand dyed with Jacquard acid dyes. I used a size 6 DPN; however, yarn weight, needle size and gauge are all up to the knitter.

What you’ll need:

Yarn, yardage will vary depending on size and weight (the infant size shown took a fair bit less than half a 3.5 oz hank)

Needles, size will vary per yarn weight and your preference

A few basic measurements:

Desired Leg circumference (a)

Your gauge, allowing for stretch (b)

Desired Length 

Multiply (a) and (b) to determine the number of stitches to cast on. Round to the nearest multiple of 6. Cast on stitches, using a stretchy cast on and join, marking the beginning of the round. 

Rows 1-5 k4, p2 to end.

Row 6 Knit into the third stitch, leaving the loop on needle.

            Knit into the fourth stitch, leaving the loop on needle

            Knit into the first and second stitches, removing all loops from the needle

            Purl 2, repeat to end of round

Row 7-11 k4, p2 to end

Row 12 Repeat row 6. Continue this pattern to the length desired and bind off with the stretchy bindoff of your choosing or a larger needle. 


The infant size shown required 42 stitches at a gauge of 24 stitches to the inch, unstretched. The example modeled by Shimmer the Frog is 9 inches long. 

If you prefer a looser fit to the legwarmer, a 2x2 ribbing could be done in a smaller needle size at both top and bottom.