Why shouldn't hats be of interesting character, like folk art? People, even very conservative people, even men will often wear head gear that is less than "normal".  Why not jazz things up with some nice stripes and simple buttons for a one of kind artsy type hat that is sure to suit, well just about any taste. 


Yarn: 2 oz (60gr) total Paton’s Classic Merino Wool in
7 colors | Cx = color reference (fill in per your colors)
C1: tree bark __________
C2: paprika __________
C3: cream (used Lion’s Aran wool) __________
C4: leaf green __________
C5: royal purple __________
C6: old gold __________
C7: burgundy __________
Gauge: 5sts”, 6.5r“
Needle: 6/7 | Use two circular needles to knit in round.
N1/N2: references needle 1 or 2
Directions for sizes: (S-18”,M-20”) L-22”.
Hat knit in the round. All rounds are Knit unless otherwise noted.
Start from bottom of hat: Size 6 needle, cast on (90, 100) 110 st. Move half the stitches to N2. Join.
Knit 1” (rolled edge)
Change to size 7 needle.
C1-K for 1”.
C2-K for 1"
C3-K1 row, P1 for 1 row. (garter rib ridge)
*C4-K2, C5-K2* to last 2 st, then K1 ea color if necessary to alternate colors, for 4 rows (checks)
C6- K1 row, P2 row. (garter rib ridge) C3-K 1 row.
C5-K for .75”
C7-K for 1”
You might want to try the hat on before you begin decreases to ensure is it the length you want it. Add additional rows/stripes to modify the length as desired.
The decrease section is the top of the hat:
Decrease to top:
R1: *K9, K2tog*
R2: All even rows, knit except row 20.
R3: *K8, K2tog*
R5: *K7, K2tog* R7: *K6, K2tog* R9: *K5, K2tog* R11: *K4, K2tog* R13: *K3, K2tog* R15: *K2, K2tog* R17: *K1, K2tog* R19: *K2tog* R20: *K2tog* (size S & L will have 1st left, knit it.) Break yarn, thread through remaining stitches, pulling tight. Weave end & all threads in on wrong side.
Buttons – sew three to front and 1 at join seam in back. Tassel – Cut 2 feet, each color, using double strands, braid. Knot at end. Repeat twice. Sew to top of hat.


Another Option For a fun alternate, knit it in the large size, making each stripe a few rows longer than specified in the pattern. (if you wear a large, then add about 10-20 stitches to make it big) Then felt it. Here is a different colorway, felted and blocked (below). The rolled edge becomes a nifty little folded brim. After knitting the hat, I crocheted a simple chain and felted it too. After blocking, sew on the felted separate chain at the top of the hat (shown in orange.)

With Charisa's Ravelry habit, 2 cats and a house full of yarn, she's pretty busy, but she always has time to pass the time, if it involves fiber, yarn or knitting.  Charisa knits and spins, and you can see her other beautiful patterns and marvelous ideas on her blog you can also see her hanging about on Ravelry, username "Charisa".

Pattern and pictures by Charisa Martin Cairn; copyright 2005. Feel free to share this pattern and use it for non-commercial purposes.