Well, it's been a real roller coaster of a ride here at our house.  Many people in this area were very, very, ill with a terrible strain of flu, and we were one of those families that caught it.  We were sick for about 3 weeks all told, and it was terrible stuff to endure.

To say the least, all our February work didn't get done.  So, this issue probably looks a little different, and has been published a little crazy.  We still have a few things to add, and there are still some editing issues to finish up.  We just slapped it up there, so let us know if there is something unclear we need to change.  Once all the articles are posted, and the pictures uploaded (heh heh a few pictures are missing in Product review, don't worry, they will show up soon!)  then we will go back and do the picky picky editing.

We found out that our new baby is a girl, and we will be naming her Julianna Rose.  We are starting to prepare for her arrival, and hopefully things will go smoothly.  July issue is a little bit of a concern, as I will have a one month old baby!  I hope to have it ready to go ahead of time.

Lambs are coming, and so Spring is here!  We are glad for that, winter seemed very long at times.  Be sure and check the blog here on Spindle And Wheel, then you will know all the goings ons.  Plus we also have a fun contest every month.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Spinning!

Beau and Allena Jackson