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Find out about the marvelous Alpaca.

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Knit Picks and Nancy's Knit-Knacks, find out about their products here!
Learn a new weaving technique for just a few bucks.
Diane and Allena answer all your burning questions about spinning, fiber and whatever else is bugging you.
Make this cute needle holder one afternoon with the kiddies.

Like everything worth learning, mastering spinning takes time, effort, and perseverance.

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Does your fluffy feline have oodles of lovely fiber, just waiting to be harvested?  Read on... 

I have been spinning for a number of years now.  My husband had died a number of years earlier and I had run the course of making quilts.  After all, how many quilts can be given away?  My shelves were stocked for any possible number of celebrations that may arise in the next 20 years!  My sister suggested that I not only learn to spin but to weave. 

Andean Plying is a handy method for plying small amounts of yarn. Simply spin some singles, wind your bracelet and ply!
The kicker-spindle that I first wrote about in the Spindle And Wheel forums is a surprising little, what can I say…block of wood.  It does spin and create fine yarns and I would like to call it a modern day version of the ancient rock and bone spindle used in early spinning history.
Make beautiful beaded stitch markers, for pennies each.
Learn how to put a sock together, fast!  Mindless knitting for stressful times.
Dye self patterning yarns!
Make some fun and useful little dishcloths for yourself, or as a great last minute gift.