We are a family of six living in Missouri on a small hobby farm. 

We came up with the idea of this site because we bought sheep and learned to spin. We were fortunate enough to have many knowledgeable people at our disposal helping us to learn and grow in the craft. Many people do not have access to wonderful people like these, and this site is a culmination of all the help and advice that we received. We want to share this information with you and hopefully you can take advantage of it, and learn with less frustration.

Spinning is a wonderful activity and it need not cost much to try. If you have never spun and you would like to, look at the tutorials to find out how. You can also learn how to build a spindle to try before you purchase a more expensive spindle or wheel.

If you come across a term you don't understand you can check the glossary for a definition. This is constantly being added to and changed and will continue to grow as time passes.

We welcome your comments and suggestions and would like to hear from you.